Top water sport activities to try this summer

water sports

Like strawberries and cream or roast pork and apple sauce, nothing quite goes together like a long hot summer and water sports. For some, the more extreme the water activities, the better. For others it doesn’t matter what ‘sport’ you’re undertaking, as long as water is involved, it’s going to be a great day! So drag out the swimsuits, sun screen and towels – it’s time to go exploring some of the best water sport activities you can get up to this summer.

Jet skiing

Personal watercraft are the motorbikes of the waterways and can be used on all surfaces and in all conditions. Whether it’s skipping across a glass-like lake, taking a tour around the canals or jumping the largest of waves in the surf, a jet ski is an adrenalin-producing way to enjoy the water. They are also good for exploring. Because of their size and maneuverability they can take you places a boat cannot go.

Water skiing or tubing

Another great way to enjoy the water is to ski, or be dragged behind a boat on an inflatable tube. The more experienced and adventurous will probably try water skiing, as it is a great way to work out the muscles while having fun. But it can be difficult for the inexperienced and falling off every few seconds might be frustrating. So why not try tubing? This is as simple as it sounds. A large inflatable inner-tube is tied to the back of a power boat and all you have to do is lie on it – and hang on for dear life!

Go Sailing

Sailing is another great way to enjoy the water, only this time powered by the wind instead of a motor. Some people say the transport of our forebears is the only way to get around. There is a particular art and skill to sailing, and without it you might find yourself and your boat, quite literally, dead in the water. But once you’ve mastered the ropes and sails, it can be at once an exciting and relaxing way to get around on the water.

Throw in a line

Fishing is another popular water sport in summer. Fishing is unique as it can be as extreme or as quiet as you like, depending on the fish you are chasing and the area you choose to throw a line in. For an extreme experience, try deep sea fishing for water beasts like marlin or swordfish. You’ll need to get into battle mode as you take on the fish and the elements. Or for something more relaxing, you could tone it down a bit and try fishing in the surf, off some rocks or in your local water way.

In summer, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you are on the water and enjoying the sun and outdoors. It’s up to you to make it as exciting or relaxing as you want.

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