The ultimate veggie burger recipe

hen Chris Kronner and his sidekicks designed Kronner Burger, they wanted everybody to come to their restaurant, even the recalcitrant ones with fresh flesh. So they battled for months, not to get out “an infectious mixture made from quinoa or fried beans” and eventually found the ultimate recipe: “At the first test, Was not meat: we had won! They then sought the “stupidest name that can be given to a vegan dish” and the Earth Burger was born. Its secret lies in the texture due in large part to the presence of potato but also to the cutting of vegetables.

Follow the recipe to find this sensation of meat without meat. Or go and taste it directly in California.
Kronner Burger, 4063 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California (United States).

The Earth Burger recipe
(for 4 people)

• 4 buns bought in bakery or homemade • 450 g brown Paris mushrooms • 1 large carrot cut into large cubes • 100 g cauliflower in large cubes • 100 g broccoli in large cubes • 100 g cabbage Sliced white • 225 g firm tofu in small cubes • 110 g firm tofu mixed with the blender • 450 g Bintje potatoes in large cubes • 3 tablespoons cornflour • 1 tbsp. Coffee with salt • 2 tbsp. Maggi or Aminos flavoured coffee • 1 tsp. To coffee of red vinegar • 20 cl of rice oil (if found) or sunflower oil.

Preheat oven to 200 ° C. In a large dish, put all the vegetables. In another, the tofu cut into cubes. Wrap two peeled potatoes in aluminium and put it in the oven. Roast tofu 15 minutes and remaining 30 minutes. The vegetables must come out caramelised and the potatoes ready to disintegrate. Crush the potatoes in a salad bowl, add the cornstarch and blend, ideally with a so-called pallet tip. Mix more and more quickly until you get a texture similar to chewing gum or bread dough. It may take time if you do it by hand, but it works. Book.

Grind the vegetables a few seconds to the blender. In a large bowl, mix the raw (and shredded) tofu with the vegetables and the potato mixture. Once everything is homogeneous, add the cooked tofu and mix again. This should have a texture close to the ground meat.

Form four steaks of about 115 g each. Heat the oil before frying these patties for the first time at 160 ° C. Fry a second time just before enjoying them. Serve these “steaks” in buns with the garnish that accompanies all the burgers of the world: tomatoes, salads, raw or fried onions, pickles. You can add ketchup or mustard. And if you want to taste this sandwich as at Kronner, try the vegan mayonnaise which you will find the recipe on the site of GQ. Enjoy your meal!

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