Three Great Exercises To Aid The Post-Injury Recovery

Most active sports enthusiasts will face an injury or two during their lives. Sadly, that’s almost unavoidable.

Whilst the process of rehabilitation can be frustrating in itself, the cycle of getting back into exercise can be equally tormenting. There’s a good chance you’ve found yourself piling on a few extra pounds and struggling to perform to the level before your injury.

Rather than panic, you should go easy on yourself by choosing these exercises to lose a bit of excess weight and also get your body used to regular exercising again. Of course, there will be a number of stretches and conditioning exercises specific to your rehab. Great Exercises It’s probably wise to seek professional advice through a directory like who can quickly set you up with an expert tailored to your injury.

Nonetheless, these options will ordinarily be great choices during those early weeks of recovery.


Don’t dive into the deep end of high-impact sporting activities. Instead, choose a casual swim. This is particularly good for those who have suffered injuries to joints, bones or muscles.

The low pressure provided from exercising water makes it a brilliant option en Great Exercises  route to recovery. Additionally, it is a form of exercise that actively works the entire body.

If the notion of swimming lengths doesn’t quite please your sense of enjoyment then you could always take a water-based exercise class. Aqua aerobics is a great example. Again, these are great forms of activity without the fear of causing stress on your bones or joints.

Great Exercises  Great Exercises

Treadmill Running

Running can be quite hard work on your body but the flat surface of the treadmill should remove most of the risks, especially if you wear the right pair of shoes.

If the impact is a worry then you can always do a steep incline walk instead, which is a great way to shift weight. Likewise High Intensity Interval Training is an equally great method to kick your body back into shape after a long absence.

Just make sure you don’t overdo things.


As far as activities to promote general well-being are concerned, you don’t get much better than yoga. Unsurprisingly, it can be a great option for those recovering from a lengthy layoff.

The benefits of yoga are plentiful but a lot of them link directly to the recovery process. The exercise can be used to promote good posture, stronger muscles and added flexibility among a whole host of other great features.

Furthermore, a yoga class is a great way to get back into the social side of sports. For many of us, that is one of the key attractions of exercise in the first place. If you fall into that category of people then this is going to be a far more enjoyable option than running alone.

Yoga promotes healthy living in general too, both physically and mentally. At this stage of your recovery, it’s probably one of the best activities you could do. In fact, even if you do it just once a week, it’s one you should look to continue for the long haul Great Exercises.

Three Great Exercises To Aid The Post-Injury Recovery

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