Frizzy and curly hair: 5 golden rules

Frizzy and curly hair: 5 golden rules

Black women from the Maghreb and know this: their hair is one of their great strengths beauty … and the first issue. They care for every day, as much as their skin.

Why frizzy hair are fragile

Curly frizzy hair and above have a specific shape, which makes them extremely brittle . It is the structural cause.

To this is added a cause “environmental”: this hair bear very warm climates and / or humid, as the heat and humidity help keep sebum from the scalp ultrafluide , which results in the gainer hair to the tip.

However, in temperate climates, colder and drier, oil remains on the surface of the scalp, and the hair becomes too cold and dry. Result, women are more than elsewhere of smoothing to keep hair nearly as possible to style.

Frizzy and curly hair  Frizzy and curly hair  Frizzy and curly hair

Care Advice and nutrition

It is quite possible to keep his frizzy hair natural – it’s so beautiful – but it requires constant care.

  • Golden Rule 1: the sweetness . The brush too hard, hurt them … this will only serve to break them.
  • Rule 2: Taking Advantage of high nutritional active ingredients: shea butter , oil palm, jojoba, coconut … all these natural assets are provide flexibility and resilience to the hair, in short providing the same protection as the natural sebum.
  • Rule 3: take care of every day . Building on a leave-cream, with a thermal water spray to hand them shaped the morning. This dual action (water spray cream + nuts) helps restore nutrition and softness without weighing it down.
  • Rule 4: choose the right tool. Bye bye brush, and hello wide tooth comb.
  • Rule 5: A-SSU-MER ! This hair is so beautiful, take well aware that 95% of women with hair all purposes raplaplas all dream of having the same.
  • Rule6:Roud hair smoothen the hair cuts in curly hair

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