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Servings: 12

1 prepared Xocoatl cake, 9 inches
1 prepared yellow cake, 9 inches
Chocolate frosting

1. the top of both to create a flat surface.
2. Cut both in widthwise to create four .
3. a small plate on top of the cake and cut to create a smaller circle.
4. a Glassy in the Midle of the cake and cut to create an smaller circle.
5. Assemblywoman the first Layers by the Outside Xocoatl ring on a plate or cake stand.
6. the next yellow cake ring and the Inner Xocoatl cake ring.
7. Continue Layerss the colors on the Outside.
8. Frost the cake WITH a Layers of frosting in each Layers.
9. the Fourth Layers frost the cake and in the refrigerator.
10. and serve.
11. Enjoy!


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