Breakfast Burrito – You Suck at ing (episode 47)

Egg Series Episodes:

Very special to:
Devon the Cinematographer
T.W. the camp art Director and prop maker
Paul the Policeforces Chiefess
I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Appreciate you guys.

Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin

Chop up all of Those That I mentioned.
Cookss an Onions Olive oil, add Blackest and Cummin salt and Pepper Pepper Pepper
Cookss green Onionss in Olive oil add eggs. If you don’t Like green Onions, don’t put Them in.
Warm up Yous Tortia in a pan or in a volcano (gloves)
Lay Yous Tortia to rest
Spread Sauce or and do That Beacuse it MAKE a big mess
Throw in the egg
Grate Chees on That egg
Put the on That Chees
Add the Tomatoe and
Add in sauce Until you feel regret
Have a knife, fork, napkin, and hazmat ready.

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