5 Good reasons to ride a bike

5 Good reasons to ride a bike

To all the wounded of the race, ride a bike to the phobic black pools of the world at the pool, take your bilious and pedal!

Do you want a sport that is easy to access and non-restrictive? Do not look any further. Not only is cycling excellent for your health, but it also offers a convenient means of transportation … We tell you more!

1 / The bike allows a cardiovascular but also muscular workout. He asks for the legs of course, but also the abs, the back, buttocks and even a little upper body. The movement of the pedals brings a little more not negligible: the blood circulation improves and the cellulite flies!

2 / Cycling is a sport accessible to all and without constraint. There is, of course, a first significant investment to make (well-adapted bicycle, helmet …), but then you can practice this activity anywhere and anytime. Road or road, bike or mountain bike, we put on his shorts and it’s gone!

3 / Another advantage of the bike: it has almost no contraindication, and the risk of injury is really limited as it is a sport without impact (except in the event of a fall!). Do not hesitate to ask for advice from a doctor before you get to it if you have problems with your back or knees.

ride a bike  ride a bike  ride a bike

4 / It is often forgotten, but the bike was really a means of transportation … If you have the opportunity, you can ride your bike to go to work, go shopping or visit a girlfriend. This is a great way to make the most of your time playing sports!

5 / More than any other sport, the bike is shared! With family or friends, discover new paths and rediscover the pleasure of the walk. Even at a low pace, the effort is there, the heart is solicited and we fill up with endorphins. This is how the bike will become your new health, fitness and happiness asset!


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